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“This fascinating book provides a valuable time line of the chronological developments associated with the Civil War and Reconstruction.”


“Significant literature and films are explored to critique how representations of Reconstruction have been popularized in the public imaginary. To demonstrate how history, memory, and meaning collude, Wetta and Novelli examine films from Birth of a Nation and Gone with the Wind to Cold Mountain and Lincoln as visual documents that participate in the mythmaking process.”


“The audience includes, but is not limited to, those interested in history during the Reconstruction era, particularly southern history, African American history, film studies, and cultural studies.”



                                    C. B. Regester, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

                                      The Association of College & Research Universities

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“The Louisiana Scalawags is an important study of the political involvement of southern white Republicans in Louisiana during Reconstruction.”

“Easy-to-reference details about the scalawags, reliance on an abundance of primary sources, frequent engagement of secondary sources, and clear writing contribute to the effectiveness of and readability of this book, making it an asset in the field of Reconstruction historiography.”

                                                    Kimberly Kellison, Baylor University

                                                    The Journal of the Louisiana Historical Society

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